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Remote Teleoperation
for Vehicles
Across Industries

About Us

Remotics is the Business Unit of LIP Ventures Boutique dedicated to the Teleoperation of Vehicles and that allows companies in various industries and use cases to optimize their operations, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Examples of use cases for Remotics teleoperations include:

Delivery Robots

Forklifts for material handling

Long-haul trucks

Yard trucks


Autonomous road vehicles

Our Value Proposition

There is currently a problem of demand and supply in the world for certain work positions where companies need professionals in some countries and / or regions and the professionals who could attend these positions do not have work in their countries or regions where they live. The technology used by Remotics and the operational excellence that we implemented, allows us to fill this gap, presenting to those companies the possibility of hiring these professionals from thousands of miles away.


Remotics maintains a Teleoperations Center in Mexico City, where currently, trained and certified professionals teleoperate vehicles in the United States of America.

Paseo de los Tamarindos 400 Torre A
Colonia: Bosques de Las Lomas
DelegaciĆ³n: Cuajimalpa
C.P. : 05120
[email protected]

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